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Appearances and Interviews

Rooke to Checkmate - Interview on the Alex Jones Channel

Tony Rooke is interviewed on the Alex Jones Channel about the BBC and his up coming film.

Tony Rooke appears at Conway Hall 30th April 2013

Tony Rooke refuses to pay his BBCtv licence inrotest at their lack of adequate reporting on 911 and those who raise vaild questions. He encourages others to join in. Filmed at conway hall, london uk, april30th 2013.

The Chichester Observer interviews Tony Rooke

Tony Rooke's local newspaper, The Chichester Observer , has recently had the courage to interview him and print a more accurate account of his case. The article includes a mention of the free fall collapse of Tower 7.

The paper may only have a circulation of 30,000 but this is the first time this damning evidence has appeared in a British news paper.

Unfortunantely the paper declined to publish the article online but the printed story appeared in the paper on 25th April 2013 and is reproduced here as a PDF.

Whistleblower Brings 9/11 Truth to The UK

Tony Rooke appears on the Alex Jones Channel on April 3rd 2013.